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Add SiteLock Lite

SiteLock Lite allows you to try out the features of SiteLock without having to spend a penny – and you can keep it forever too.

Please refer to this page for the list of features.

Step 1 – Login to your account

First, login to your account at https://my.netweaver.uk

Click the service you want to add it to in the orange box.

Step 2 – Activate SiteLock Lite

From the ‘Addons & Extras’ box select ‘SiteLock – Lite’ and click ‘Purchase & Activate’

Complete the checkout procedure (select PayPal and you won’t be asked for payment details) then return to the client area.

Step 3 – Manage SiteLock

You’ll now see a new option to manage your SiteLock service. Select your domain and click ‘Manage’.

On your first visit you’ll be prompted to accept the terms and conditions.

You will now be able to access the SiteLock Dashboard.

Updated on 21st February 2019

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