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Creating a New Account

Creating a New Account on your the MultiDomain Account

If you use our MultiDomain package you will want to be able to create your own cPanel logins for any accounts you might have. This guide will explain how you can setup a new account within your MultiDomain account.

Step 1. Navigate to the Control Panel

From your MyNetWeaver account navigate to the MultiDomain Control Panel. If you are struggling see our guide on how to do this.

Step 2. Select ‘Add Account’

On the left hand side menu, using the search bar search – ‘create a new account’.

Create a New Account

Under the heading ‘ Account Functions’ select ‘Create a New Account’.

Step 3. Creating a New Account

Fill in the information for the account you want to create.

Fill in the account details

The username and password you create will enable the user to login to their Control Panel in order to manage their hosting.

Select the required DNS and Mail Routing Settings

Select the correct preferences for your account and once you are finished select ‘Create’ in order to add this as an account.

If you wish to view the account you can view them through your control panel by typing ‘List Accounts’ in the search bar and selecting the option ‘List Accounts’.

List Accounts

This will show you all the accounts you have available within your MultiDomain account.

Account List

Pressing the cPanel logo under the cPanel heading will sign you into the control panel for that specific account.

Updated on 16th November 2018

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