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Customise cPanel

Customising your cPanel for Accounts

Through your MultiDomain Account you can customise your cPanel for when your accounts sign in. This means the Control Panel will have your customised branding as oppose to the NetWeaver branding that is in place.

Step 1. Navigate to the MultiDomain Control Panel

If you are unsure on this step, take a look at our guide on how to do this.

Step 2. Search ‘cPanel’

Using the search box on the left hand side search ‘cPanel’ and select ‘Customisation’.


Step 3. Customising Branding

Now under the ‘Custom Branding’ heading you can custom your branding.

Custom Branding

If you were to change the ‘Company Name’ to your company, the top left hand corner of cPanel will look like this:

Example Branding

You can also have your company logo here by adding a file under ‘Company Logo’.  This is the same for the Webmail logo and Favicon.

Under help link you can redirect customers to your site in search of help to your custom help link. Similarly for a documentation link.

Step 4. Customising Style

If you do not like the cPanel theme when logged into you can change this under ‘Customize Style’ and change it to a style more your liking.

Style Customisation

Step 5. Custom Contacts

When an account owner wishes to contact you, they will not have the correct contact information. This can be edited under the ‘Public Contact’ heading.

Custom Contact

Here you can set the correct information.


Updated on 16th November 2018

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