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Domain Forwarders

If you have a domain registered with us, but it’s not attached to one of our web hosting accounts, you can setup free forwarding from your domain.

First login to your my.netweaver.uk account.

Simply click on the Domains icon.

Select the domain

From the menu, click the spanner icon next to the domain you wish to setup forwarding for.

Click ‘Domain Forwarders’

You’ll see a menu to the left, select the ‘Domain Forwarders’ option. If the menu doesn’t appear then the domain is attached to one of our web hosting accounts and you can manage it via the control panel for that account.

Fill in form

You’ll be presented with the Domain Forwarders form, which contains a selection of options.

First, select the type – Permanent (the rule will stay the same for a long time) or Temporary (changes are likely to be made regularly).

Enter any subdirectory you wish to forward, or leave blank for the root domain.

Under ‘Redirect To:’ enter the address you wish to forward to.

You can choose to redirect just the www address, eg. www.netweaver.uk, with or without the www or just without the www.

The final option, ‘Wild Card Redirect’, means that any page is also forwarded – so with this option enabled then the following would happen:
www.nwdemo.co.uk/contact/ would redirect to www.netweaver.uk/contact/.
If you choose not to enable this domain then www.nwdemo.co.uk/contact/ would redirect to just www.netweaver.uk.

Once you’re happy with your choices, click ‘Add Domain Forwarder’.

Domain Forwarding is live

You’ll now see a list of all current forwarders at the bottom of the page, you can remove any you no longer want or wish to replace, by clicking the dust bin at the end of the line.

Updated on 6th October 2020

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