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Email Forwarders

If you have a domain registered with us, but it’s not attached to one of our web hosting accounts, you can set up free email forwarding from your domain.

First login to your my.netweaver.uk account.

Simply click on the Domains icon.

Select the domain

From the menu, click the spanner icon next to the domain you wish to setup email forwarding for.

Click ‘Domain Forwarders’

You’ll see a menu to the left, select the ‘Email Forwarders’ option. If the menu doesn’t appear then the domain is attached to one of our web hosting accounts and you can manage it via the control panel for that account.

Fill in form

You’ll be presented with the Email Forwarders form.

First, enter the first part of the address you wish to forward, then enter your existing email address in the destination box. If you want to forward to more than one address, enter them into the destination box with commas between them.

Click ‘Add Email Forwarder’ to activate the new forwarding rule.

Email forwarding is now active

You can view existing rules and delete them from the list which appears below.

Forwarding Entire Domains

Should you wish to forward all emails sent to a domain to the corresponding address at a different domain, you can also set that up here. Simply enter the destination domain in the form.

This matches the part before the @ and forwards it to the same address. So, sales@domain1.com would forward to sales@domain2.com, amanda@domain1.com would forward to amanda@domain2.com and so on.

Updated on 7th October 2020

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