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Feature Manager

With your MultiDomain account you can control the amount of features your user’s cPanel have available. This guide will explain how you can do this.

Step 1. Login to the MultiDomain Control Panel

If you are struggling with this please read our guide on how to do this.

Step 2. Select Feature Manager

From the WHM control panel page, in the search box search ‘Feature’ and select ‘Feature Manager’.

Feature Manager

Step 3. Creating a Feature List

Now you can create or edit a feature list.

First type the name of your feature list and click ‘Add Feature List’.

Add a new feature list

Select Features Select features Select Features Select Features

You can now select the features you want to be available on the cPanel for this feature list.

Once you have selected the right ones, press ‘Save’.


Once you have saved your feature list, you can now add it to an existing package through edit a package or add a new package.

Select your new feature settings

Updated on 16th November 2018

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