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Installatron Access Control

Managing Available Installatron Applications

With your MultiDomain account, your users will be able to install web applications using the Installatron in their control panel. Some of the applications available in their Installatron may be outdated or you might want to limit what your users have access to. You can do this through the MultiDomain Control Panel. This guide will explain Installatron access control for this purpose.

Step 1. Navigate to the MultiDomain Control Panel

If you unsure on how to do this, please read our guide on how this can be done.

Step 2. Select ‘Installatron Applications Installer’

Using the search bar on the left hand side of the page search ‘Installatron’ and select ‘Installatron Applications Installer’.

Search 'installatron' and select 'Applications Installer'

Step 3. Viewing Available Applications

This should redirect you to a page which looks similar to the page below.

Installatron Page

From here select ‘Access Control’.

Select 'Access Control' from the menu

Step 4. Access Control Settings

Select the actions for the applications

You will now be able to see a list of the available installatron applications for your accounts. Before the name of the application there are 3 options –   , and 1 .

Activating the Application

By selecting   for a specific application you are making it available to users to install. If this box is not selected, it is not available for installation.

By selecting   you are featuring this application. So when it appears on the installatron it will be highlighted orange like below.

WordPress example icon

Disable an Application

By selecting you are making this application visible but not allowing it to be downloaded.

WordPress example icon - Disabled

Upgrade Account message

The application will appear greyed out and when clicked the above message (in red) will be displayed.

You can alter this message and ‘click here’ link by navigating to the bottom of the Access Control page.

Disabled Message

Activate the most recent version only

By selecting the 1 column, you are only allowing the most recent version of the application to be installed by your users.


Updated on 16th November 2018

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