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Joomla : Install LiteSpeed Cache

By installing the LiteSpeed Cache plugin, you can take advantage of our super-fast server side cache for your WordPress website.

First of all, modify the .htaccess file in the Joomla site directory, adding the following directives:

<IfModule LiteSpeed>
CacheLookup on

Then download the LiteSpeed plugin for Joomla from here.

file download

Click download and wait for the file to download.

Now, login to your Joomla control panel and from here go to “Extensions“, followed by “Manage” and then “Install“.


Drag and drop or browse for the downloaded file and place it here.

Navigate to “Extensions” and then “Plugins” If you have a lot of plugins listed, type “LiteSpeed” into the search box to bring up the LiteSpeed Cache Plugin.

Look for the green check mark next to the plugin name. This indicates that the plugin is installed and enabled. If you see a red X instead, click the red X to enable the plugin.

You have now successfully added LiteSpeed Cache to Joomla, if you need to make any changes the settings can be found in “Components” then “LiteSpeed Cache“.

Updated on 22nd September 2020

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