LVE Limits

Using the LVE limits you can set CPU, memory use and disk access limits for your hosting accounts.  This helps ensure that no single account can use all of your resources, leaving other accounts running slow.

First, inside WHM, visit the Plugin section and select LVE Manager.

LVE Manager

You’ll then be presented with a list of any currently active (i.e. receiving visitors) websites and the amount of your resources that they are using.

LVE Menu

You can assign settings to each user, but it’s usually easiest to assign them on a package basis, to prevent having to set them for every account.  Click on the packages option.

LVE Packages

You can see the current limits – to edit them, click the 

LVE Config

The limits are as follows:

The system successfully delivered the message.
The message encountered a delivery error.
The message's status is unknown, or delivery is in progress.
The system deferred the message.
The system archived the message.
The system rejected and discarded the message at SMTP time. This typically occurs because the sender's server does not use a secure configuration or appears on a Real-time Blackhole List (RBL).
The mail server accepted the message but did not deliver the message to the recipient's inbox. This typically occurs because spam software filtered the message.

Click save to reflect any changes you have made.

You can over allocate your resources – for example, you can allocate 1MB of memory to 10 websites, but the overall total available at any one time to your account will be capped at the overall limit.

Updated on 16th November 2018

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