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Two-Factor Authentication

This guide explains how to enable two-factor authentication for your MultiDomain account. A two-factor authenticator provides an added level of security to your account that requires you to enter the security code provided on your smartphone when you login.

Step 1: Install an Authenticator App on your Smartphone

We recommend the following apps:

  • For iOS and Android – ‘Google Authenticator’ or ‘Duo Mobile’
  • For a Windows phone – ‘Authenticator’

Step 2: Navigate to the Two-Factor Authentication Section

Inside WHM, click on the ‘Security Center’ link.

Select 'Security Center'

Then click on ‘Two-Factor Authentication’.

Select 'Two-Factor Authentication"

Step 3: Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Under the ‘Manage My Account’ tab, click ‘Set Up Two-Factor Authentication’.

Select 'Manage My Account' and then select 'Set Up Two-Factor Authentication'

Scan the displayed QR code with your authentication app from the first step this guide. Then, enter the six digit code in the ‘Security Code’ text box.

Enter the six-digit code from your authenticator app

Finally, click ‘Configure Two-Factor Authentication’.

Disabling Two-Factor Authentication

If you wish to disable two-factor authentication, find the ‘Manage My Account’ tab.

Then, click the red ‘Remove Two-Factor Authentication’ button as shown below.

To remove - click 'Remove Two-Factor Authentication'

Updated on 16th November 2018

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