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WordPress: Using Jetpack

Using the Jetpack Extension in WordPress

In order to either connect to WordPress through the mobile application or desktop application, your ‘self hosted’ WordPress site must be connected to a WordPress account. To do this you must use the Jetpack plugin. In this guide I will be explaining how you install the Jetpack plugin and also connect it to your WordPress account.

Step 1. Create a WordPress Account

Firstly, you will need a WordPress account. If you do not already have one visit the sign up page. Follow the steps on the WordPress sign up in order to do this.

Step 2. Open your WordPress Site

Now you have signed up, leave the WordPress site. Navigate to the NetWeaver Control Panel and in the search bar search ‘Installatron’.


Select the Installatron option.

Select the ‘My Applications’ tab at the top.

My applications

Scroll down to your WordPress Site and select the link under the site title which ends in ‘/wp-admin’.


You will now be redirected to your WordPress site.

Step 3. Install Jetpack

On this page, on the left hand side menu select ‘Plugins’ and ‘Add New’.

If not already on the page, search for ‘Jetpack by WordPress.com’.


Install Jetpack and activate it.

Step 4. Setting up JetPack

Jetpack Setup

Once Jetpack launches¬† select ‘Connect to WordPress.com’.

Sign in

It will now prompt you to create an account, we did this in step 1, so instead at the bottom select ‘Already have an account? Sign in’.

Sign in using your login and password details for your WordPress account you made earlier.

Once you have signed in successfully, select ‘approve’.


Once it is connected you will be prompted to chose a plan. Plans

I recommend you select ‘Start with free’ as many of these features are included with your NetWeaver plan.

You have now successfully setup Jetpack with your WordPress site.


Updated on 14th November 2018

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