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Disable automatic renewal

If you no longer want a domain name you have registered, you need to disable automatic renewal so that you won’t be invoiced for it and the domain will expire at the end of its registration.

First, log in to your My NetWeaver account.

Client area

Click to visit the ‘Domains’ section.

my domains

Select the tick box on the left hand side for any domains you don’t wish to renew.  Then click the ‘With Selected’ button at the bottom.

auto renewal

Choose the ‘Auto Renewal Status’ option.

disable automatic renewal

Confirm that the correct domains are listed and then click ‘Disable Auto Renew’

You will receive confirmation at the top of the screen that the change has been successful.success notification

If any of these domains have already been invoiced, the invoice will be cancelled automatically for you.


Updated on 19th November 2018

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