Application: Booked
Type: Calendar

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

Booked is an open source application which allows you or your company to stay organised using an online booking system which enables you schedule your company and appointments online.

booked schedule example

  • With Booked’s pluggable framework you can make your schedule work the way you intend
  • Booked is optimised for use on both mobiles and tablets so you can view your schedule from anywhere with connection
    booked schedule example 2
  • With Booked you can limit and control resource usage with a flexible quota system, you can also optionally approve or decline reservation requests. Also if a reservation owner does not turn up, Booked can automatically delete this reservation, freeing up the allocated time for another reservation
  • Quick searching allows users to quickly search for available time or certain bookings
Updated on 13th November 2018

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