Application: SilverStripe
Type: CMS

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

SilverStripe is a content management software used by governments, businesses and non-profit organisations across the world. It is a powerful development tool for professional web development teams.
To try SilverStripe for yourself, you can visit the demo site at

  • With SilverStripe’s strong framework, programmers can easily extend functionality of their site
  • Many templates are available to choose from
  • SilverStripe is designed to be easy and quick to learn ideal for unexperienced and experienced web developers
  • SilverStripe is designed to safeguard your data from malicious activity or data loss
  • Products are regularly updated in order to provide a reliable service
  • SilverStripe Features a number of tutorials for its users to help them create their perfect site. SilverStripe tutorials can be found at:
Updated on 14th November 2018

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