Application: PrestaShop
Type: E-Commerce

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

With over a million users, PrestaShop is a widely used E-Commerce platform for people wanting to start an online shop. PrestaShop is well suited to all kinds of shops; small, medium or large, with smart and easy to use templates, anybody can create an online shop.

  • PrestaShop allows you to make a shop based website easily, you can choose from many templates and use their easy to learn website builder in order to get your shop up and running hassle free
  • PrestaShop is mobile responsive which means your website can be viewed on near enough any size screen in all its glory
  • PrestaShop allows users to track stock levels and them to be automatically altered meaning your shop isn’t selling what it hasn’t got
  • You can now run geographical shipping zones in order to calculate shipping costs, this means neither you or the customer is paying too much for the postage of your items.
  • PrestaShop supports most well known payment methods, so no customers are turned away just because they don’t have the correct method of payment
  • You can add a product search bar to your shop, allowing shoppers to find their item of choice as quickly as possible
  • Depending on location your site can display the correct tax on the item depending on where your customers are and if the customer is from the US they see the price without tax since that’s what they are used to
  • You can configure coupon codes and special offers
  • Once customers are placing orders, users will get an overview of the current orders and can setup notifications for when orders come through
  • You can increase the loyalty of your customers with a customer login page for when they come back to your shop for more, you can also provide shipping details and tracking just to reassure your customers
  • You can go international by using the multi-language product sheet in order to adapt the description in different markets
Updated on 14th November 2018

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