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Application: ownCloud
Type: Files
Website: https://owncloud.org
Support: https://owncloud.org/support/

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

ownCloud is a self hosted open source file sync and share application. Using ownCloud you can access files, calendar, contacts and other data. You can synchronise everything between your devices and share with others.

At NetWeaver we use ownCloud to organise and share all our files using ownCloud which are stored on our own reliable servers for us to reach anywhere at any time! When you use ownCloud with NetWeaver you get the reliability and support of our servers and staff along with the functionality of ownCloud’s many features.

  • Unlike other cloud applications, with ownCloud – you can share files with anybody, regardless of whether they have an ownCloud account
  • ownCloud supports iOS, Android, Mac, Windows and Linux so you can view and edit your files from anywhere on any of your devices. You can also automatically upload photos, videos and files from your phone so you all your things are in one place and are restorable in unexpected eventsowncloud mobile
  • With ownCloud documents you can collaboratively edit .odt or .doc files securely with up to 5 people. ownCloud are also developing more collaborative apps such as conference calls and chatowncloud interface
    • With over 200 applications, the different possibilities with ownCloud are almost endless. There are music players, video players, calendars, contacts and games. A certain type of application we think is useful is passwords, with ownCloud you can store all your passwords securely and not have to remember lengthy yet important passwords. All of the applications for ownCloud can be found at https://apps.owncloud.com
    • With ownCloud another application we think is useful is th encryption application, this encrypts your data before it is sent to the server and then decrypted when it is retrieved by you meaning your data couldn’t be safer
Updated on 14th November 2018

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