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Application: Codiad
Type: Framework

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

Codiad is a web based Integrated Development Environment which has minimal requirements. Codiad focuses on simplicity in the framework which also allows fast and interactive development without the overhead of other large desktop editors. Codiad’s interface consists of three panels, a panel for files and active files, a system and controls panel and a main editor panel.

Codiad interface

Codiad requires a minimum server application of Apache2, PHP5+ and basic read write access to several directories. It does not require a database.

You can try Codiad yourself on the live demo at:

  • Support for over 40 different languages
  • Access to a plugin library
  • Error notifications
  • Editor split screen
  • Local Storage Redundancy
  • Advanced Searching tools
  • Real time collabrative editing
  • Over 20 syntax colour themes
  • i18n Language Support
Updated on 13th November 2018

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