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How to Install Applications

Installing Applications

This guide will explain how to install applications using the Installatron.

Step 1. Login to cPanel

Through logging into the MyNetWeaver Portal, open cPanel. If you are unsure on how to do this, visit our guide on this.

Step 2. Open Installatron

In the top search bar, search ‘Installatron’.


Step 3. Find Your Desired Application

On the Installatron page, in the right hand side, top corner, press the ‘Applications Browser’.Installatron Installatron

This will show you all the applications available to install on your server.

Choose your desired application. For this example we will install ‘WordPress’.

Step 4. Installing your Application

Select the application you wish to install and press ‘Install this application’.


This will bring up the following page:

Install ApplicationFill in this page accordingly then at the bottom, press ‘Install’.


Once clicked, a ‘Processing’ Symbol should appear below.


Wait whilst your application is installed.

Application Installed

Once installed this page should be available. In order to visit your site, use the address provided.

My Blog (WordPress example site)

Updated on 13th November 2018

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