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Application: Koken
Type: Gallery
Website: http://koken.me/
Support: http://help.koken.me/customer/portal/topics/290729-discussions/questions

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

Koken organises your photos by providing a full featured management interface, Koken gives users the look and feel of a desktop application. Koken is great for web designers who want to post media related content on their site, yet want a clean and professional looking site.

koken interface

  • Koken is responsive – it allows you to publish media onto a responsive site which automatically scales images and videos for maximum quality
  • Koken automatically publishes photos at twice their usual quality, this gives them extra clarity when viewed on retina displays, such as iPads
  • Koken uses ‘lens’ theme framework, this means that html knowledge is more tan sufficient for building sites
  • Koken allows users to easily write portfolio updates relating to their photographsphoto updates
  • In Koken, live site previewing and editing is easy with the simple point and click tools availableediting
  • Using the Koken store, there are many plugins available for your site
  • plugins
Updated on 14th November 2018

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