Application: LimeSurvey
Type: Poll

Cost: Free
Licence: Open Source

LimeSurvey is a widely used survey and poll application. You can use LimeSurvey as a method of voting, to carry out market research, carry out an employee survey and do just about anything questionnaire or poll related.

  • With LimeSurvey you can create your survey in over 80 languages. You can also run a single survey in 80 different languages simultaneously if you wish
  • With LimeSurvey’s permission system you can control who can see your survey and with unlimited administrators you can give other people permissions to create surveys and polls on your behalf
  • LimeSurvey has over 28 different types of questions you can use. These include single choice questions, multiple choice questions, file uploads or even semantic differential question types, plus much more
  • Using the HTML WYSIWYG editor you can alter the HTML code directly and tailor your survey to your own needs
  • You can set quotas for your survey, so you can acquire feedback from a specific participant group of your choice. For example if you wanted to question a certain gender of person or a certain age group of person
  • With LimeSurvey you can have branching from certain questions, so if a participant answers a question one way you can ask subsequent questions in response to this
  • With LimeSurvey’s inbuilt assessment tool you can make analysing your surveys much easier. The system can assign scores to certain responses and therefore create valuable analysis of the questionnaires
  • You can set up anonymous responses for if your participants wish to remain unknown
Updated on 14th November 2018

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