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OwnCloud: Backups

This guide will explain how to backup your OwnCloud server through the cPanel Installatron.

Creating an ownCloud Backup

Navigate to the Control Panel and search for ‘Installatron’. Click the ‘Installatron Applications Installer’ under the ‘Software’ heading.

Installation cPanel

Go to the ownCloud server you wish to backup under the ‘My Applications’ tab.

Installatron My Applications

Now check the box as shown below to highlight the section.

Check the box next to the icons

Once highlighted, click the backup icon ().

This will display information about the backup such as size and allows you to label it although this is optional.

Installatron backups

Click ‘Backup’.

Viewing Backups

To view all backups and check if it was successful, click the ‘My Backups’ tab near the top of the page.View Backups

You can also remove backups by highlighting the backup and clicking the delete icon ().

Options icons

Restoring a Backup

Under ‘My Backups’ find the backup you wish to restore to. Click the ‘‘ restore icon.

My Backups

Choose the location that you wish to restore to and click ‘Continue’.

Restore Backups

Finally, click ‘Restore’.

Updated on 16th November 2018

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