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SPF for MailChimp

If you use MailChimp for customer Campaigns or Newsletters you will want to ensure your emails pass SPF (Sender Policy Framework) checks. SPF checks are checks carried out by receiving mail exchangers that the incoming emails are from legitimate senders. By carrying out authentication, it shows your receiver’s internet service provider you are a legitimate sender. In this guide I will explain how to authenticate your domain with your mail MailChimp account.

Step 1. Login to MailChimp

By visiting the MailChimp website, either login or set up an account with MailChimp.

Step 2. Login to cPanel

If you are unsure on how to do this, visit our guide on this.

It might be a good idea to have your cPanel open in one tab or webpage and your MailChimp account in another, as you will be swapping and changing between the two regularly.

Step 3. Verify your Domain

Going back to the tab with MailChimp open, in the top right corner, next to your account, click the  and select ‘Account’.

From the menu select 'Account'

Now select ‘Verified Domains’.

Beneath settings select 'Verified domains'

If you have not done so already, verify your domain, you can do this by clicking ‘Verify A Domain’ and following the steps to do so on MailChimp.

On the far right select 'Verify A Domain'

Step 4. Authenticate your Domain

Now go back to the tab you have open with cPanel and navigate to the ‘Zone Editor’ beneath the ‘Domains’ heading.

Next to your domain press ‘ CNAME Record’.

Click '+CNAME Record'

This should open a pop up window with a box with the heading ‘Name’ and ‘CNAME’. Under ‘Name’ you need to type:


Where ‘YOUR_DOMAIN’ is your actual domain.

Beneath the heading ‘CNAME’ you need to type:


So if you were to create the CNAME for the nwdemo.co.uk, it would look somewhat like the following:

Under CNAME type dkim.mcsv.net

After doing this, select ‘Add a CNAME Record’.

This should now have been added.

You now need to create a text record. To do this, on the ‘Zone Editor’ select ‘ Manage’.

Press the  next to ‘ Add a Record’.

Press the blue '+ Add Record' button and select 'Add TXT Record'

Select ‘Add TXT Record’.

A blue box should appear similar to the one below.

Under Record input the required code

Under name input your domain, and under record input:

v=spf1 include:servers.mcsv.net ?all

Once you have checked this is correct, select ‘Add Record’.

Now you need to navigate to the tab with which MailChimp is open.

Beneath to your domain, it should look somewhat similar to this:

A green tick should confirm the verification for sending

Where the red cross is, click the link which says ‘View setup instructions’.

A pop up should appear, at the bottom of it click ‘Authenticate Domain’.

At the bottom of the 'Domain Authentication' page click 'Authenticate Domain'

Now your domain should be authenticated with MailChimp and you campaigns should pass SPF checks.

Your domain should now appear authenticated with 'valid DKIM and SPF records' with a green tick over to the left

Updated on 19th November 2018

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