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Access Webmail

This guide will explain how to access webmail for all your mailboxes using the control panel.

Step 1. Search for ‘Email’ in the control panel

Navigate to the control panel using our How to Access the Control Panel guide. Using the search panel located near the top of the page, search for ‘Email’.

cPanel search Email

Then select ‘Email Accounts’ under the ‘EMAIL’ heading.

Step 2. Under ‘Email Accounts’ select ‘More’

Under the heading ‘Email Accounts’, find the email account you wish to access and select the drop down menu ‘More’.

Email accounts

Then select ‘Access Webmail’.

Step 3. Choose your default webmail application

There are three applications listed here:

The Horde Project – We recommend this to users who want many features including mobile email access

Roundcube Webmail Project – We recommend this to users who want some additional features but need a user-friendly web interface

The SquirrelMail Project – We recommend this to users who want a simple web interface with the sole purpose of reading and responding to emails

Webmail Applications

Once you have chosen your default application, click on ‘Set as Default’ under the desired application.

Updated on 13th November 2018

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