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View Website Statistics

This guide will explain how to view website statistics and what the different ways of viewing these statistics are.

Where to view website statistics

First you will need to navigate to the control panel using our How to Access the Control Panel guide. Using the search bar located near the top of the control panel, search for ‘Stats’ as shown below.

cPanel Search for Stats

From here there are three interfaces you can use to view your website’s statistics:

  • Awstats
  • Analog Stats
  • Webalizer

It is user preference as to which interface is the best as they all offer similar features.

How to view website statistics

First select one of the three interfaces listed above. Then locate the domain that you wish to view the stats of and select ‘View’ under ‘Actions’.

Choose a Domain to view

This will show the monthly, daily or hourly statistics of your domain.

Updated on 14th November 2018

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