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Managing ModSecurity

ModSecurity is a web application firewall that provides real time protection for websites. This guide will explain how to enable or disable it. We will also explain how to configure it on all domains or individual domains.

Using the cPanel search tool, type ‘Security’ and select the link that appears below. If you are struggling to find the control panel use our How to Access the Control Panel guide.

cPanel search for ModSecurity

Configuring all domains

To disable ModSecurity for all domains (when enabled), click ‘Disable’ as shown below.

Then click disable all.

Configure ModSecurity on all domains If ModSecurity is disabled for all domains, you can also enable it here.

Configuring individual domains

Using the search bar under the heading ‘Configure Individual Domains’, you can search for a domain and then enable/disable it here. Then look for the name of the desired domain in the table and under the ‘Status’ section select ‘On’ to enable it, or ‘Off’ to disable it.

Configure ModSecurity on individual domains

Updated on 13th November 2018

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