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WordPress: Security Plugins

Security Plugins for WordPress

Security should be at the forefront of concerns when it comes to setting up a website. Keeping customer’s information secret is definitely a priority when it comes to any business, but when your business is online you have a much larger audience of people to hide it from. Hopefully using the right security you can protect your business and most importantly your customers and their information.

WordPress Security Plugins are often the most used form of security for a WordPress site and can provide extra protection. WordPress security plugins work by keeping your site safe from known threats.

Limit Login Attempts

Limit Login Attempts is a massively used plugin and with over 1 million active installations on WordPress it is a great start to securing your WordPress site.

It works by limiting the amount of login attempts to your WordPress admin. When a login attempt is made, it makes a note of the IP. If a specific amount of incorrect login attempts come from one IP, it is blocked from logging in. It is a simple plugin but a must have when it comes to securing your site.

Overall, people like this plugin a lot, with over 85% of reviews being 5 stars. However, the lack of recent updates is a problem.


WordFence is by far the most used security plugin available. It is an open source and most importantly – Free plugin. WordFence will block brute force attacks and will also notify you of any security issues. Although there is a Premium version available which will provide you with much more features, including – the ability to block traffic from specific countries, two factor authentication and much more.

With over 93% of reviews being over 5 stars, WordFence is highly respected by its users. Users boast how they feel how much safer they feel their site is after using WordFence. Although all the negative reviews seem to be individual problems people have had with WordFence the most common one is people complaining of popups with how WordFence often reminds users that there is a paid version with more features.

Akismet Anti-Spam

Stopping spam can sometimes be equally as important as stopping hacks and therefore by using an Anti-Spam plugin you could stop spam.

In this case the most commonly used one we could find was Akismet Anti-Spam. This plugin is ideal for blogs as it will filter out any comments which appear to be spam on your WordPress blog. Once a comment has been marked as spam, it is removed from the comments section of your blog.

With 89% of the reviews for Akismet having 5 stars, Akismet is a liked application by its users. From reading the reviews for Akismet this is simply because it does what it says it does and does it well. From reading the few negative reviews there is not one issue which stands out just unique issues for people.

Installing Security Plugins

There are many plugins available for all these types of security, these are just three we picked out as the most popular.

If you are unsure on how to install any plugins, please visit our guide which explains this.

Updated on 16th November 2018

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